Official Stadium Technology Partner

PTI Consulting serves the sporting industry with pragmatic technological insight. We help our clients to enable business growth and efficiency through technology and people transformation.

PTI Consulting was founded by industry expert Mike Bohndiek with a vision to help organisations embrace change to realise their commercial objectives. We are currently helping organisations transform how technology and process can better work for them to enhance the experience for their employees and customers.

  • CTO-as-a-Service
  • Technological Audit
  • DPO-as-a-Service
  • Event Management

As a primary offering PTI deliver CTO as-a-service - either on a retained or burst capacity basis. Our consultancy and service deliver valuable experience and strategic knowledge, helping the clients we work with to create a better technology experience for customers, employees and fans.

Visit the PTI blog for industry insight and learn about the technologies that will drive the fan experience in the stadium of the future!